About Us

About Power Equipment Company

Power Equipment Company (aka Power Equipment of Memphis) specializes in energy systems and heat generating products, providing the knowledge, products, services and supplies necessary to achieve peak performance in your energy systems. The company offers a variety of boilers, compressors, pumps as well as specialty and used equipment. We also provide a host of services such as equipment rental, preventative maintenance programs, flame safeguard control upgrades, annual inspections, refractory repair/replacement, burner and fuel conversions, steam system surveys and service on demand, all necessary to keep you operating under any condition. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 901-327-8261. 

A leader in power equipment for over 85 years, we set the highest standard for innovation. We believe in change - in our products and in ourselves. We believe in solutions over sales with a concentration on energy solutions and savings. Our knowledge of the industry, product placement efficiency and friendliness and accessibility are top priorities for our employees. We provide our company representatives, service technicians and engineers ongoing training and certifications to offer the newest measures and methods available. We offer rental and maintenance solutions and specialty and used equipment, all with savings in mind. We offer 24 hour emergency service and fulfill next day shipments for over 50% of all orders placed. We have a long standing history with our manufacturers who are also leaders in the industry - many of whom we are the exclusive territory provider, guaranteeing the best quality products. 

As a family owned and operated company, we believe that there are a number of key attributes that form our success - our guiding principals, our team and you. Building lasting relationships and sharing them with our employees, brands and customers as well as our community partners, ensures the continued success of our organization’s mission and values.

Power Equipment Company has been operational since 1927 and operates it's headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. We serve customers in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. 


We keep our customers up and running by providing the knowledge, products, services, and supplies necessary to achieve peak performance in energy systems.


To provide immediate solutions to our customers through innovative engineering, superior customer service and products of the highest value. 


  • Our existence depends on satisfying customer needs.
  • Every action we take must add tangible value to our company. 
  • Our future depends on innovation and change - in our products and ourselves.  
  • We believe in solutions over sales with a concentration on energy solutions and savings. 
  • We must achieve excellence in performance and will share the resulting rewards. 
  • Our ethical and moral conduct in doing business will be above reproach.